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You have questions about Eazy Peazy Cakes

and we have answers!



What are Eazy Peazy Cakes?

Eazy Peazy Cakes is a liquid ready-to-pour/ready-to-bake cupcake/cake batter mix in a bottle.


Are there any extra ingredients that need to be added to Eazy Peazy Cakes batter?

No…there’s absolutely nothing more that need adding to Eazy Peazy Cakes batter.


Does Eazy Peazy Cakes require any mixing?

There is no mixing, no measuring, no mess!  Simply, Shake-Pour-Bake!


What can be made with Eazy Peazy Cakes cupcake batter?

The batter makes cupcakes, layer cakes, cake pops and more. Follow us on social media for recipes.


Does Eazy Peazy Cakes batter and frosting need to be refrigerated?

Yes…both batter and frosting needs to be refrigerated or frozen when you receive them. Eazy Peazy Cakes cupcake batter and frosting have diary in them. You do not have to refrigerate the baked product.   


What is the shelf life on the products?

Eazy Peazy Cakes cupcake batter and Frosting shelf life:

3-months Refrigerated

6-months Frozen

When product is frozen, make sure batter is thawed and frosting is room temperature before using. 


Can you mix two different Eazy Peazy Cakes batter together?

Yes, you can mix two different batters and it will make a marble cake. 

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