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The Story



In my mind, no one could bake cakes the way my mother Shirley (ShirlAnn) could! While my grandmother (MaBelle) was a gifted cook, it was my mother—the master baker—who inspired me to bake. When I lost my mother to Macroglobulinemia-Waldenstrom (a rare blood cancer) in 2011, I realized everything that had been poured into me by my mother and grandmother.

I had to continue to live on as a tribute to them.


My promise to our mom Shirley was that if I survived her, I would forever keep her memory alive. From that promise, Shirley Cakes the forerunner of Cutie Cakes (now known as

Eazy Peazy Cakes) was born.

Shirley Cakes received so much attention online that I had to open a brick-and-mortar bakery in Conyers called Shirley Cutie Cakes. I sold specialty square cupcakes called Cutie Cakes. Running a bakery was hard work and the build-out drained the company’s reserves, forcing me to keep the dream alive by single-handedly running every aspect of the bakery. It was in

the process of streamlining the business that I begin

pre-making the cake batter each week and placing each

flavor in its own containers.


When a customer placed a cake order or I sold out of cupcakes, all I simply did was, shake, pour and bake!  Eventually, I placed the batter in bottles and gave them to my customers to try at home. They absolutely loved the idea!


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